Dracula Facts

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Charlie Phillips
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Charlie Phillips A gorgeous album of beautiful and honest songs about love and all kinds of rad stuff that makes me happy :D Favorite track: Give and Take and Witchcraft.
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"I would dance the night away to all these" - Matt (@Neongh0sts on twitter)

This took me a really long time to put together i hope you enjoy it!! I'll hopefully have more releases coming out soon!!

Thanks to Mary for super inspiring me lyrically (specifically with Sleep Talk Affection and a couple other lines)

Thanks to my best friend Bee for being a pal and supporting me in everything ily b


released September 15, 2016

Rylin Valentine - Vocals and Ukulele



all rights reserved


Dracula Facts Mount Pleasant, Michigan

purposefully naive rambly ukulele songs written by a purposefully naive kiddo

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Track Name: Sleep Talk Affection
We've been waiting a little while for me to come over to your house
And I haven't planned a single thing to talk about
And I'm a quieter person in general
But I'm trying so hard to impress you more might come out
Than I necessarily intend to
We're not trying to hide anything
We're just trying to keep it clean
But when the dark comes that might change
Sleep talk affection has me wishing that we didn't have to die so soon
So relatively soon
But I'm with you so i guess it's ok
And normally we're more tired but
when it's dark but not quiet and we cant be serious
Jumping between theta and beta waves is making us delirious
You and me we should never be apart
Because all we ever do is heart to hearts
And that's the best thing to ever happen to me lets never sleep
Track Name: Cute Cyborg
your heart is a lithium battery
your eyes are made of LEDs
and i cannot understand
how your robotic lungs allow you to breath
allow you to breath

you're a cute cyborg
you're a cute cyborg
cy borg

your body is semisynthetic
best of both worlds loving you is easy
your brain has more than a few circuits
but that doesn't
mean that much to me

and i wish i understood
how you always pass your own your own protocol checks
your servomechanism is more than i can handle
your robot brain is too
too complex

you're a cute cyborg
you're a cute cyborg
cy borg
Track Name: Moon Prism Power
i like watching cartoons
like steven universe or powerpuff girls
and i didnt grow up with dragon ball z or sailor moon
but given the choice between the two of them id take being a magical girl

because my real life power level would go over 9000nd really quick
if i treat people regardless of race or gender with respect
thats what usagi taught me hey goku beat that
ive learned to use love and logic to find the facts

cause if you look deep enough inside us all
theres a magical girl
screaming moon prism power
at the dark dark world
Track Name: Grace
I can see a universe behind your eyes
But you cant see past the little hearts in mine
Because i'm head over my high heels
And you're standing there completely normally in your high heels
My infatuation with you has gone unnoticed for a real long time
Actually its only been a couple of weeks it's all in my mind
My romantic nature's gonna kill me if i don't get my heart in line
I need to stop exagerating every little thing
i need to stop thinking about hugging people that i barely know
i guess its not that much of a bad thing
i could be constantly thinking about killing
or even worse be unnaccepting
but my romantic natures gonna kill me if i dont get my heart in line
Track Name: Give and Take and Witchcraft
Broken hearts all across the floor and i would hate to be an exception
But chemicals and animal bones are your preffered means of earning affection
Learn how to do it they say
It's the easiest
Easiest way
I love to give but taking is more complex
I want to learn the optimal way
And what to do next
And i love to give but taking is more complex
The ritual is getting out of hand
And my eyes are chasing now
And my heart is racing now
And my lungs are heaving now
There's gotta be a better way to do this
Track Name: Atoms (A Happy Death Song)
Your dusty light cycle
Chaperones my atoms into
Risky business I die alone
Your rusty architecture
shifts me like a star in the night sky
And you're a precious stone
Teach me
To love
My hatred for architypes
Makes them think theres something not right
But you and i both know theyre wrong
Your pronounced cheekbones
Seperate my atoms causing
Nuclear fallout we die together
Teach me
To love
Track Name: Kels
i'll see you later
when I come back down

the stairs
they watch me
while im walking
and carry me along

kelli always smiles at me
and it makes me wanna kiss
her on the face
but if I were to do that our
friendship would be ruined
so I guess ill just look at her
and smile back

It feels as if
i fit into the culture i create
Its not hard to tell right from wrong
and its easy to spot a fake
but youre here
youve got my back
now i'll never lose my way
im forever on the right track

but kelli still smiles at me weird
it makes me wanna kiss her on the face
but if i were to do that
our friendship would be ruined
so i guess i'll just look at her and smile back

im too scared to say youre pretty but I'll say I love you fast
because I dont want to complicate things with the implications of romance
please dont take that the wrong way I just want our friendship to last
so lets just stay friends and I hope you can platonicly love me back
Track Name: Dying
I'm slowly dying like my phone
Won't let it get to me
But the silver lining is your tone
When you tell me
You love how I

This overcast weather makes me feel better
Living with regret
Go outside feel the little raindrops
And try to forget

You don't say goodnight back anymore
It's just the phase we're in
but fear's starting to take hold
on the holy neon kids
and i wont stand
for that

This overcast weather makes me feel better
Living with regret
Go outside feel the little raindrops
And try to forget